Bonrix CRM with Mobile Auto Dialer

👉🏻Bonrix CRM With Desktop Dialer is USB Based Dialer for Calling.
It required Uuawei USB Modem.
👉🏻It is USB Diale so It will directly attached with your Computer and Just set COM port into Desktop Dialer and it is ready to Call.
👉🏻Call Cost deduct from Your SIM card Attached in USD Modem. It is 2G Modem required 2G SIM Card.
👉🏻Bonrix CRM with Desktop Based GSM Modem Dialer (SIM based Outbound Calling)

Divert Your SMS Traffic via Official Whatsapp Cloud API

👉🏻Increase Your Free Unique Customer Limit Free of Cost based on Your Whatsapp Number Rating.
👉🏻 User-Initiated Conversation (UIC). Pricing for UIC is Rs 0.35/ conversation in India.
👉🏻Using Whatsapp Cloud API, you can broadcast WhatsApp marketing campaigns to up to 1K ,10K or 100K users in a single click. (Based on Your Limit)
👉🏻Rs. 699/- One time cost for Account Activation Consulting and Template Management Assistance for one year.

Bonrix GST Billing Solution - Mini

👉🏻Bonrix GST Billing Solutions is desktop based standalone software for easy and fast billing, It also keeps track of your accounting needs like Account Ledger, Inventory, and Stock Management, GST Returns, Cash and Bank Book, Payment Receipts & Expenses & Email/SMS
👉🏻Bonrix GST Billing Solutions is standalone desktop based application for Windows desktop, compatible with Windows 7+,8,10, it is fast, mini and easy solutions for GST billing and GST Returns, It also include all necessary features of accounting software like Account Ledger, Inventory and Stock Management, GST Returns, Cash and Bank Book , Payment Receipts & Expenses & Email/SMS.

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