June 13, 2017



Click Hear! Voice Calling System

Supported Modem

  • huawei modem 303


Bonrix Voice Call Manager (Support single modem or mobile)

Bonrix Advance Voice Call Manager (Support upto 10 modem or mobile on single desktop)

Bonrix Proffessional Voice Call Manager (Support unlimited modem or mobile on single desktop)

Features of Bonrix Voice Call manager

  • Broadcast pre-recording voice call to list of mobile numbers.
  • Easy to check campaign progress.
  • Priority based outbox. Higher priority call will be dialed first.
  • Destination based routing is also possible, you may also select outgoing voice call channel.
  • Text to Speech is supported so voice of any language or any gender can be pluggable conditionally it should be compatible with Microsoft text to speech engine.
  • Auto-reply or Call Answering facility to play specific file depend on caller identification.
  • Call Forwarding Facility to record incoming voice call and then forward voice call recording to dedicated group which was previously created.
  • API based integration for receiving outgoing voice call from third party website.
  • Customized voice calling campaign also possible though text to speech support.
  • Supports DTMF Decoding.


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