August 20, 2018

Money Transfer

Bonrix Money Transfer Android App & Web - EKO - API - DMR - Direct money Remittance

This SMS application is useful and can be customized for various Recharge System where dealer - retailer used to send SMS on particular mobile number for Recharge purpose Example of such system are:

1. Multisim Mobile Recharge System (Multisim Recharge Software)
2. Lapu SIM Based Recharge System
3. All in One SIM Recharge software
4. Mobile Balance reload software
5. STK and SIM based Reload /Recharge Software
6. Automatic Mobile recharge system or automatic mobile recharge software
7. Prepaid Mobile Recharge Systems
8. Mobile Automatic Recharge System
9. Single SIM Recharge Software
10. Recharge API based Online recharge System
11. GSM Modem pool based Sim application (STK)or SMS based Recharge


Money Transfer in Recharge Website ( DMR / DMT ) | Bonrix Software System

Bonrix Recharge System is Added DMTF (Domestic Money Transfer) Service For Money Transfer.

Transfer money to any bank account, anywhere in India, at any time, Pay Point in association with Banks, brings you the convenience of transferring money from your place to any Bank account across the country.

There is two mode of payment NEFT & IMPS:

IMPS:- IMPS offer an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through web portals. IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their bank accounts/ PPI account and put high interbank fund transfers in a secured manner with immediate confirmation features. This facility is provided by NPCI.
NEFT:- National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer.
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DMR Android APP | Bonrix Money Transfer Android APP | Bonrix Software Systems

DMR Android APP - Bonrix Money Transfer Android APP - Bonrix Mobile Recharge System - Recharge and DMR - money transfer mobile app for retailer. EKO API - Android App for domestic money remittance

Retailer Web Panel for Instant Money Transfer IMPS /NEFT | Bonrix Software System

Retailer Web Panel for Instant Money Transfer IMPS /NEFT - Recharge Web with DMR - Direct Money Remittance - EKO API - Domestic Money Remittance Service through API integration.
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